Peak GeoSolutions

Geosynthetics Testing


For 16 years PeakGeo has been performing seam analysis (peel adhesion and bonded-seam strength testing) on site during geosynthetics installations. PeakGeo addresses two main issues to correctly perform on-site seam analysis; 1) laboratory conditions and 2) tensiometer calibration.

Laboratory Conditions. Our on-site laboratory conditions are maintained at a temperature of 73.4F - 3.6F (23C - 2C) and at a relatively humidity of 50% - 5% in accordance with ASTM E 171, Standard Laboratory Atmosphere. Laboratory temperature and relative humidity are monitored by hygrometers and recorded every 2 hours.

Tensiometer calibration. Our tensiometer load cells are be calibrated in accordance with ASTM E 4 by On-site Calibration Services, Inc. and the Certificate of Accuracy are maintained in the on-site laboratory.